Thursday, October 30, 2008

Doctor Who Quits!

This is sad news for Doctor Who fans like me. The tenth doctor David Tennant has confirmed that when the Doctor Who series returns in 2010 it wont be with him. The BBC confirmed that Tennant would complete the filming of four special episodes to be shown this year and early in 2010, as well as a Christmas special in 2009 and then its bye bye David Tennant.

I call Bulls**t!

“I’ve had the most brilliant, bewildering and life-changing time working on Doctor Who. I have loved every day of it. It would be very easy to cling on to the Tardis console for ever and I fear that if I don’t take a deep breath and make the decision to move on now, then I simply never will. You would be prising the Tardis key out of my cold dead hand. This show has been so special to me, but I don’t want to outstay my welcome.”

Paterson Joseph

And if early news reports are true, this guy is next in line to play the doctor. I still don't know what to think about having a black doctor. I have nothing against blacks but i have always hated it when established characters (especially in comics) gets turned into colored dudes or minority characters just for the sake of "diversity and political correctness". And it almost always doesn't work. But i hope to be proven wrong.

James Nesbitt

This guy still has my vote to be the next doctor. For those of you who don't know him, fire up your bittorrent clients and download the awesome mini-series Jekyll. I promise you that after watching his brilliant performance you will be a fan.


Anonymous said...

fan ka pala nito...

Kiko said...

oo. you should try watching it. the british accent of the actors is a bit jarring at first pero once masanay ka na di mo na sya mapapansin. :)

Myke said...

Hi kiko, Myke here.

First let me thank you for reading my blog and secondly, thank you for supporting "BAYAN KNIGHTS". And now for your question, unfortunately, the comicbook is now on its way to the printing press. So, all the Donations and all would be mentioned on issue#2 which is already on conceptualization. We have our previous script but there are some adjustments being made.

Thank you in advance and hope to hear from you soon.

Take care.

Myke said...

I also added your blog site on my BLOGMATES.

Again, Thank you.

Anonymous said...

hi kiks.

dropped by again... ingats! :)

the donG said...

hindi ko pa to napapanood. hindi kasi ako masyadong nanood ng tv. pero nakikita ko to lagi sa magazine.

Anonymous said...

halu kiks! :) dropped by again. :) parang wala kong makitang chatbox dito. hehe.

Kiko said...

hello uli joshmarie! ayan naglagay na ako chatbox. :)

@myke thanks sa link :)

@dong try mo panuurin pare. :)

Anonymous said...

hi kis! im checking your blog out. hoping na merong new post. hehe. :)

princess_dyanie said...

just checking out! hope you're ok :)

Anonymous said...

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