Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Shee-sha Experience

Going to the "despedida" of a former classmate has given me the perfect opportunity to try Shee-sha smoking. I have always wanted to try this.

Shee-sha or shisha is a single or multi hose water pipe with a glass base used for smoking flavored tobacco.

For only P275 you can try different flavors like White or Black Grape, Apple, Strawberry, Mint and Orange.

We chose a combination of Mint and White grapes. If you are a smoker you will probably find this a bit too mild for your taste. But you will be puffing for more than an hour if you try to smoke this alone. So either share it with some friends or set aside about an hour and a half to finish the shee-sha.

Too bad you cant smoke at the second floor due to lack of ventilation.

Shawarma Snack Center

485B R. Salas Street, Ermita,



Anonymous said...

I tried Ziggurat's version of Shisha called Hookah last yr and got the pineapple flavor. it was different but a good experience nevertheless. it was fun seeing the water bubble while you suck the smoke in and puff it all out. :-)

Pastilan said...

Wow, you make me like to try Shee-sha, it looks fun.

Kiko said...

@dyosa- yeah it was really fun seeing all that smoke coming out! :) i heard na mas mahal sa ziggurat and prince of jaipur. 500+ daw?

@pastilan- you should try it with your friends! its really a unique experience