Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A Rainy Day at the La Mesa Ecopark

With nothing to do on a cloudy Monday afternoon, we decided to visit the La Mesa Ecopark to have some nature tripping fun. For a measly P50/person you can stay at the park for the whole day. For first time visitors i recommend that you ride the electric car first for the free tour. This way you can see all the places and attractions that are inside the park without breaking a sweat, because i can tell you that this park is huge!

We made the mistake of climbing the flower terraces first and boy was it tiring! The view of the La Mesa dam was disappointing since it was gated and fenced. You can barely see it. But the view of the park from above made that climb worth it.

The La Mesa Dam

Neptune Pond


You can pitch a tent at the amphitheater where camping is allowed. This place is the only lighted area in the park at night.

I know that were not supposed to pick the flowers but i just couldn't help it. Sorry! :)

Fitness trail for the fit and young. How i miss those fit and carefree days of yore. Hahaha! Too bad im not fit and only young at heart.

Go Girl!

Bikes can be rented for P50-80/hr. But since it was slightly raining and the biking area was a little muddy, nobody was renting that day.

Fishing Wharf

You can rent a fishing rod for P20 for the whole day and pay P80/kg of the fish that you catch. You can grill the fish inside the park if you're inclined to do that.

It seems that you have to pay the Pool Entrance fee if you want see the pool, even if youre not going to take a swim. Too bad.


Water Lilies

Watch out for those metal railings, you might get a bit of a surprise when you look at them closely. Slimy snails alert!

Souvenir Shop

Special thanks to all the people at the briefing area and at the First Aid station for being so helpful and polite. Good job guys. Keep it up!

One last smile before we leave the ecopark

Sakay Na!

La Mesa Ecopark

East Fairview, Quezon City

(02) 430-4051 / (02) 430-5207 (telefax)

Entrance: Php 50.00

Discounts available for senior citizens and QC residents/student



Mr. Scheez said...

Gusto ko pumunta dito. Ito lang ata ang natitirang watershed dito sa Metro Manila.

Kiko said...

you should try to go there. mag eenjoy ka and malapit pa sya.

caryn said...

wow, this is a nice place i've often seen photographed but never been to. its looks really relaxing. and the greenery is so lush! ;-)